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How many sessions will I need?

During the initial consultation I will establish the best course just for you. Most issues see significant improvement quickly. Each session is 40 minutes to 1 hour on average. 

  • motivation, exam preparation, relief from study stress, public speaking and performance are 3-6 sessions

  • anxiety and stress reduction and sleep improvement is usually 6-12 sessions

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is simply focused attention or trance, which is a state of deep relaxation in a controlled environment that is both safe and relaxing. You are always in control and can open your eyes and move at any time you want to. We go into hypnosis/trance several times a day when we become unconsciously absorbed in something.  Think about looking into an open fire. We only focus on what we observe in the fireplace and in a dream-like manner, our peripheral awareness is reduced. Similarly, when driving or waiting for a bus, you are not specifically conscious of your activity. You conduct it automatically and may not even remember the route you took to get to your destination.  This is an example of trance, which is a completely natural part of life. During hypnotherapy, we harness this state to enhance your capacity to respond to positive suggestion. The intention is to induce a relaxed state during which we can remove negative thinking patterns and replace them with positive ones to empower you.

Will I say or do anything against my will?

No. At all times you are in control. As you relax, and enjoy the benefits for your mind and body, I, as your therapist will make a series of positive suggestions for you to interpret and incorporate into your daily life. Clinical Hypnotherapy is a collaborative process working with each client to address their individual needs in a safe, controlled environment. There is no magic involved. We, (therapist and client) work together with a variety of tools and techniques to resolve your issue as quickly and easily as possible.  When you are committed to change, this enhances and accelerates the process whereby positive change can be achieved.

Does the therapist do all the work?

No.  All therapy is a co-operative interaction between the therapist and the client which helps form and strengthen an important process called the Therapeutic Alliance. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy works quickly and effectively when the approach is collaborative and where there is full commitment to making positive changes.

Is hypnotherapy safe?

Yes.  Hypnotherapy is an enjoyable, relaxing and completely safe experience. In the busyness of modern life, it is a wonderful way to attune to your inner core, and reap the benefits of positive thinking patterns. At all times you are in a safe and relaxing clinical setting and in control. 


How do I book an initial consultation?

You can call me in strict confidence on: +353-(0)89-6023-440 or email me at The initial consultation takes around 1 hour. 

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