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About Orla

I am a people person and for decades have enjoyed a role in empowering young people to help them unlock their potential and reach their goals. There is more pressure on our youth today than ever before. It is unnecessarily driven by the media and peer groups. I enjoy working with clients where I can get them to relax and within a comfortable state of trance, come to life changing realisations that are both profound and empowering.
My firsthand experience of the power of hypnotherapy led me to set up my own practice. It was an enriching and life changing experience for me. I believe in it so strongly, I want others to benefit as I have done over the years. 

I spent many years working in stressful working environments, so I understand the pressures a busy work environment can place on ones shoulders. As a practitioner, I  am an active listener and pride myself in my ability to tune into clients specific needs and to structure their sessions accordingly, ensuring maximum sensitivity and understanding for how they wish to move forward. 

I was awarded my Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy at the renowned Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training (CPHT) in Bristol. I also hold the nationally accredited Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma awarded through The National Council For Hypnotherapy (NCH). I abide by the code of ethics of both the NCH and The Association for Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy.

I work with a wide range of clients with a variety of issues. I specialise in sleep and stress solutions for all and exam preparation for the youth market. I have an excellent success rate in helping people overcome their issues and live a more relaxed and fulfilled life. 

I would be delighted to work with you to help you achieve the results you desire. Send me an email at or leave me a message or call me on +353-89-6023-440

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